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more than illusion films presents

A Human Search

The Life of Father Bede Griffiths

About the Director/Producer

John Swindells

John SwindellsJohn Swindells is a Canadian/Australian filmmaker who has been writing/producing/directing documentary films and new media projects for more than twenty-five years, both in Australia and overseas.

His filmmaking journey started in rural southern India where he documented the life of an 85 year old English Benedictine monk who had gone to India in search of “the other half of his soul”. He made a film with the Sioux Indians in South Dakota about their indigenous agricultural schemes, gotten into the head of an extraordinary young man in Melbourne who is living with schizophrenia, followed a New Age cult as they conducted a trial of their therapy on 2000 traumatised African children, and, in partnership with philosopher Peter Singer, documented the highly effective life of Henry Spira, the activist who stopped animal testing in America.

His 2009 documentary, A Family Divided, for SBS television won best Human Rights film at the Amsterdam Film Festival in 2010 and Best Documentary at the 2010 Honolulu Film Festival.

His most recent production, Seeing From Within, a documentary on the life of blind author, philanthropist and activist Barbara Blackman, has had numerous event cinema screenings over the past 18 months and will soon be available online.

John is currently producing a feature documentary about a middle-aged boys’-own-adventure is search of the elusive Tasmanian tiger that ends revealing a lot about our fragile relationship with nature.

John is also a highly-experienced educator, having taught filmmaking at a tertiary level for over 14 years.