more than illusion films presents
The Life of Father Bede Griffiths

About the Producer/Director

John Swindells

john-swindellsJohn Swindells is an acclaimed writer, producer and director of documentary films and new media projects.  Over a 20-year film making career, he has documented the spiritual journey of an English Benedictine monk in India (A Human Search the focus of this website), the agriculture of Sioux Indians in South Dakota, New Age cult therapies in Africa and, in partnership with philosopher and ethicist, Peter Singer, he documented the life and extraordinary achievements of Henry Spira, the animal rights activist who single handedly stopped animal testing in America.

His 2009 documentary, A family divided, produced for SBS Television (Australia), won Best Human Rights Film at the Amsterdam Film Festival in 2010 and Best Documentary at the Honolulu Film Festival in the same year.  At present, Swindells is completing a documentary on the life of Barbara Blackman and producing a number of transmedia projects including one involving the diaries of George Augustus Robinson (1791-1866), Chief Protector of Aborigines at Port Philip between 1839 and 1849.  He lives and works in Launceston, Tasmania.